EGMF comments on Commission work programme for 2020

EGMF comments on Commission work programme for 2020

The Commission Programme should support the European industry and its competitiveness, while achieving the digital and climate transition objectives.

Therefore, EGMF does not call to fully freeze all existing and future initiatives. Instead, they should be re-assessed, on a case by case basis, to focus on those actions that support the EU’s recovery. The immediate priority for our companies is to survive this unprecedented crisis, requiring them to dedicate all available resources to recover.

To this end, EGMF calls for:

  • all current and planned consultations to be postponed by at least six months;
  • regulatory pressure to be lifted by postponing the implementation of impending requirements in existing legislation, thus giving our industry more time to comply;
  • re-prioritisation of regulations under review and new initiatives, by delaying some actions to 2021 and focusing in 2020 on areas identified as supportive for the European recovery.

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