Empowering consumers for the green transition

Empowering consumers for the green transition

Through its new initiative ’empowering consumers for the green transition’, the European Commission aims to address consumer information needs to help them make more informed choices on the sustainability of products.

EGMF welcomes the Commission’s initiative to encourage more sustainable consumption patterns. This is in line with the key priorities driving manufacturers: quality, safety, and environmental performance, and sustainability practices already in place in the garden & OPE industry.

In addition, EGMF acknowledges the need to provide consumers with information about environmental/ sustainability aspects. Besides the access to such information, we call for better education of consumers, notably through educational measures, to enable proper understanding and educated choices.

Finally, we raise concerns on risks related to labels (multiplication, non-transparent, misleading) and call for a unified approach, at least at the European level. The proliferation of sustainability logos, labels and marks at national and European levels results in more confusion for the consumer and new trade barriers on the EU internal market.

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