EGMF co-signs joint industry statement on Data Act

On 1 February 2023, EGMF co-signed a joint industry statement on the European Commission’s legislative proposal for a Data Act. The statement calls on the European Parliament and Council to recognise the importance of data in contributing to the European economy and the need for a regulatory framework that provides stability, clarity, and certainty.

The statement proposes specific requirements for the Data Act, including:

  • Protection of trade secrets, privacy, and security
  • Clear definitions for data and data holders
  • Recognition of the role of flexible contractual terms
  • Differentiation between B2B and B2C contexts
  • Strict conditions for B2G data requests
  • Promotion of cloud adoption
  • No new obstacles to international data flows
  • A longer transition period of at least 36 months

The full text of the joint statement can be found HERE.