EGMF position paper on the Cyber Resilience Act

EGMF welcomes the European Commission’s proposal for a Cyber Resilience Act as a necessary step towards ensuring the security and integrity of the digital infrastructure that is essential to the functioning of our economy and society.

As the European federation representing the interests of major garden, landscaping, forestry and turf equipment manufacturers, in this paper we highlight the specific concerns and challenges that our industry identified in the context of this legislation. These relate to overlaps with existing EU legislation, harmonised standards, essential product requirements and the transition period.

The Regulation should strengthen cyber resilience while enhancing innovation, an essential element for European competitiveness.

As such, to achieve this objective, we outline some key recommendations:

  1. Avoid overlaps with already exiting EU legislation
  2. Limit the development of harmonised standards to ‘type-B’ standards
  3. Amend the wording in Annex I to provide legal certainty
  4. Extend the transition period to at least 48 months.

Read the full position paper HERE.