From lawnmowers to outdoor power equipment: the origins and evolution of EGMF

This year, we are excited to celebrate our 45th anniversary! To mark this occasion, we will be taking a trip down memory lane with our members, remembering the origins of EGMF and acknowledging how we have evolved and arrived at where we are today.

Responding to the changes occurring in society, and the many regulatory files shaping the European Union, EGMF is proud to be driving the European outdoor power equipment industry towards a greener, digital and more resilient future.

Created in 1977, back then, the association was the European Lawnmower Manufacturers Federation. Its main members were European manufacturers of lawnmowers and grass cutting equipment for domestic, recreational and municipal use, and the national associations representing these manufacturers in Germany and the United Kingdom.

Initially, the main aim of the association was to produce technical documents on European and international standardisation in the fields of safety, noise, environmental impact and performance. The association worked in close cooperation with the European Commission on the preparation of Directives on the free circulation and use of lawnmowers and garden equipment in the European Union.

Since then, EGMF’s name, scope and activities have evolved over the past 45 years. Around 15 years after its creation, the association expanded from lawnmowers to garden machinery, becoming the European Garden machinery Manufacturers Federation in 1993, EGMF for short.

Again in 2001, the association was renamed the European Garden Machinery industry Federation to reflect the growing and evolving industry. EGMF now represents more than basic garden equipment, welcoming manufacturers of garden, landscaping, forestry and turf maintenance equipment.

In 1998, with a view to improving our contact and relationship with the European institutions and decision-makers in Brussels, we established our general secretariat with Orgalim, the European Federation representing Europe’s technology industries. To increase our activity and representation,  EGMF is also a member of Orgalim.

Today, we continue to be the voice of garden machinery and outdoor power equipment industry providing expertise to stakeholders on technical and market issues. We also provide a forum where European manufacturers can meet, work together and exchange knowledge as well as look towards new challenges and trends for our sector.

Driven by the three main principles of quality, innovation and sustainability, our work has evolved through the years to reflects the demands and needs for European society, while ensuring the highest quality and environmental performance.

With two key ambitions on Europe’s agenda being top priorities for EGMF, moving towards a climate-neutral society and the digital transformation will see us focus more than ever on unity and cooperation. Something that is an integral part of our strategy!

Fun facts about EGMF:

  • EGMF and its members share with households, municipalities, landscapers and greenkeepers the responsibility for green area maintenance, which improves the quality of our lives!
  • EGMF is the most powerful network representing the garden machinery and outdoor power equipment sector in Europe. Today, EGMF gathers 30 companies and 7 national associations.  
  • 2021 was a record year for the outdoor power equipment industry! EGMF member companies sold over 23 million units on the European market (39 countries)
  • The top 3 most popular garden and outdoor power equipment are brushcutters, walk-behind mowers and chainsaws. 
  • To highlight the growing electrification of the garden and outdoor power equipment, for the first time in 2020, EGMF member companies sold more battery powered equipment than internal combustion engine equipment!

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